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Thanks for visiting with us and for your interest in opening a wholesale account with Regaluniforms.comIf your main business is in Embroidery or Silk Screening and you are always trying to hunt down uniforms online for a customer that needs them yesterday, well your search is over!!! can solve all your uniforms needs. Just fill out the form below and you can start buying wholesale aprons online later today!!

If you are a retailer or a re-seller, just fill out the form below. Make sure to include your Tax ID number or resale number and your website address. Please note your first wholesale order must be $275.00 or more. If you don't need that many uniforms now, please use one of these Discount Coupon Codes for your order.

Most requests are answered in 48 hours or sooner. If you are in immedate need of uniforms please let us know in the details section below. If approved you could be buying uniforms online later today!!

**** Please note: if you are not a retailer or re-seller of aprons but are in need of a large order of aprons, just request a bulk order price quote in the Contact Us " page****